At Member Preferred, we offer a variety of loans tailored just for you, including:

•  Signature (Personal) Loans
•  Secured (Share Secured) Loans
•  Auto Loans

Plus, we offer additional insurance services with our Auto Loans for peace of mind, including:

GAP Insurance
This is available with any auto loan. If your car is wrecked or stolen, you will be paid the difference between what you owe on your loan, and what insurance paid for the vehicle. The cost to the member is $299 and can be added into the loan.

Credit Life/Credit Disability Insurance
Available on all loans as long as the member is working at least 25 hours per week at the time of loan. The credit life pays all covered loans at the time of death. Joint Credit Life is also available on spouses. Credit Disability will make your loan payments while you are off work due to illness or injury. There are terms regarding pre-existing conditions and limitations on extended time off work (longer than one year.)