First, a Little History

Member Preferred began in 1935 with a vision to serve the employees of the St. Louis San Fancisco (or Frisco) Railway in Texas.

While the name of the railroad has changed from Burlington Northern Railroad in 1981 to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad in 1995, our mission has stayed the same. That mission has always been to serve the railroad community of Fort Worth/Dallas and offer banking solutions that are better because of one special ingredient: our members.

Office Staff:

Misty Miller, Manager and CEO
Janie Villarreal
Dana Roderick
Brandy Weis
Vanessa Jimenez
Kyriah Williams

The Credit Union Difference

A credit union is a community of people who pool their savings and loan the money back to other credit union members in the financial coop. It is “People helping People,” who share a common bond of where they work or live. When you join a credit union, you become not only a member, but one of the owners in this not-for-profit cooperative. Each and every member has a vote and a voice in that cooperative – regardless of the amount they have saved. That means there are no outside stockholders who must be paid from the earnings. Any and all profits go to you, the member/owner, in the form of better rates on savings and loans. This also gives us the opportunity to offer the very best services and the lowest fees we can. We’ve found this is why people become members and also why they stay.¬†

Mission Statement

Member Preferred Federal Credit Union was founded in 1935 to “promote thrift and to create a source of credit without high interest rates.” That remains a primary purpose today. This credit union is dedicated to serving its members in a friendly, competent manner, while keeping a close eye on changes in the marketplace. Every effort will be made to preserve this credit union for future generations.