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At Member Preferred, we'd like to remind you about all the services we offer that make access easy - 24/7, from anywhere! In addition to our Online Banking servicewe have a number of other services that make banking with us exceptionally convenient:

Direct Deposit
You can have your employer automatically deposit your payroll (or any portion of your payroll) directly to your account with the Credit Union. The funds can be deposited into your savings account or distributed between your various subaccounts. You can even have your loan payments automatically sent to us.

ATM/Debit Cards 
ATM cards will allow our members to withdraw cash from any of the ATM machines that display a Pulse or Cirrus logo throughout the world. Withdrawals are limited to $200 within a 24 hour period, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Credit Union.

Debit Cards allow our members to make purchases at any store, restaurant, gas station, etc. that displays the VISA logo throughout the world. It "looks" like a credit card, but it works like a check.

Cashier's Checks 
Cashier's Checks can be obtained for a nominal fee of $2.00. Cashier's Checks can be requested either in person or in writing via postal mail.

Wire Transfers
Wire transfers can be made from your account to another bank or credit union. Requests must be made in writing. The fee for a wire transfer is $15.00.

GAP Insurance 
Available with car loans. When a car is wrecked or stolen, it pays any deficit on the vehicle after the car insurance has paid. Cost to the member is $240 and can be added into the loan.

Credit Life/Credit Disability Insurance 
Available on all loans if the member is working at least 25 hours per week at time of loan. The credit life pays all covered loans at the time of death. Joint Credit Life is also available on spouses. Credit Disability will make your loan payments while you are off work due to illness or injury. There are terms regarding pre-existing conditions and limitations on extended time off work (longer than one year).

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