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When you're a part of the Member Preferred community, we want you to have the best options for when you're thinking about buying a new or used car. That's why we offer a variety of loans that accomodate your needs and personal situation. We don't think you should ever have to worry about taking out a loan, which means we'll work to find something that fits your needs and your budget. 

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And, for added peace of mind, consider adding GAP insurance to your next auto loan, as well as Credit Life/Disability Insurance to any loan with us. 

 GAP Insurance Available with car loans. When a car is wrecked or stolen, it pays any difference between what the car is worth and the amount owed on the vehicle.  Cost to the member is $240 and can be added into the loan.

Credit Life/Credit Disability Insurance 
For added peace of mind, we offer Credit Life Insurance on all loans if the member is working at least 25 hours per week at time of loan. The credit life pays all covered loans at the time of death. Joint Credit Life is also available on spouses. 

Credit Disability will make your loan payments while you are off work due to illness or injury. There are terms regarding pre-existing conditions and limitations on extended time off work (longer than one year).

Unsecured Loans (Signature)
Signature Loan - Credit Score A
Signature Loan - Credit Score B
Signature Loan - Credit Score C
Signature Loan - Credit Score D
Signature Loan - Credit Score E

Share-Secured Loans
Share Secured

Vehicle Loans
New and Used 
APR Depends on Credit Score (A - E)
24 months
2.75% - 15.00%
New and Used
APR Depends on Credit Score (A - E)
36 months
3.00% - 15.25%
New and Used
APR Depends on Credit Score (A - E)
48 months
3.25% - 15.50%
New and Used
APR Depends on Credit Score (A - E)
60 months
3.50% - 15.75%
New and Used
$25000 Minimum $999999 Maximum
APR Depends on Credit Score (A - C Only)
72 months - 
Not available
on "D and E" credit
3.75% - 10.50%

*APR is the Annual Percentage Rate

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